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Welcome to Meridian Clinic, a Private Health Management Center designed to help
improve a person's lifestyle and function using the latest techniques in Pain Management,
Weight Management and Health Management.
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The Pain Management Clinic focuses on using interventional techniques to provide immediate relief of pain. Neck and back pain typically responds well to the interventional and non-invasive therapies offered for both adults and children.

The Weight Management Clinic offers a medical weight loss program with a low Glycemic Index Diet using appetite suppressants, supervised diet, and exercise for effective and long term weight loss. A 6 week HCG Diet is also offered.

The Health Management Clinic focuses on Preventive Health and medical care. We have a Cash Based clinic care model for patients that have to pay for their care out-of-pocket. We also offer Hormone Replacement Therapy using bioidentical hormones, Addiction Services, and Women's Health Care services. Our goal is to improve the overall well-being for our clients.

Dr. George Arcos has closed the Pain Institute of North Florida and moved to Augusta, Georgia. Learn More...

Pain Management
Weight Management
Health Management

Health Insurance changes on a daily basis. Be sure to call your insurance company to make sure your visit to a specialist is covered before every appointment.


A friend recommended Meridian Clinic to me when I lost my health insurance and was looking for a new physician. I was immediately impressed with the staff, and their pricing schedule was incredibly reasonable. Dr. Burns was able to address my concerns, especially with pain management. I cannot express how pleased I am with Meridian Clinic.
Bethany L.

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